June 16, 2024

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Iran’s tourism gets boost with hundreds of investment packages

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TEHRAN – Signaling a significant push for tourism growth, more than 600 investment packages have been introduced by Iran’s Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts Ministry.

An official in charge of tourism investments, on Monday, revealed a comprehensive initiative aimed at bolstering the tourism sector through strategic investment collaborations.

Ahmad Tajari highlighted the joint efforts between governmental entities and the private sector, resulting in the development of 636 investment packages meticulously crafted to showcase the country’s tourism potential and attract both domestic and international investors.

“Not only do they serve to identify and promote existing tourism assets,” he added. “But they also create conducive environments for engaging qualified investors while facilitating the investment processes.”

Tajari further elaborated on the collaborative nature of this endeavor, citing the involvement of various governmental bodies across different sectors.

Specifically, he noted that 184 investment packages were formulated in partnership with the private sector, indicating a strong commitment from businesses to contribute to the growth and development of the tourism industry.

Additionally, 143 investment packages were crafted with the active participation and support of municipal authorities, underlining the importance of local government engagement in tourism initiatives.

Furthermore, Tajari highlighted the specific focus areas of these investment packages, with 125 packages dedicated to tourism ventures related to water resources, water therapy, and water-based recreational activities.

Expanding on the breadth of collaboration, the Director General outlined additional partnerships that contributed to the formulation of investment packages. These included initiatives with natural resource entities, historical preservation funds, airport authorities, agricultural and land management agencies, as well as urban development and free zone authorities.

The unveiling of these 636 investment packages signals a significant milestone in the ongoing efforts to revitalize and expand the tourism sector, according to the related officials.

By harnessing the collective expertise and resources of both public and private stakeholders, the initiative aims to attract substantial investment, foster sustainable tourism development, and position the country as a premier destination on the global tourism map.



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