May 21, 2024

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How to Shop on Vinted in 2024, According to Fashion Experts

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While I’ve never really been one for resolutions, this year I made two that I’m determined to stick to. One was to be more financially responsible and the other was to embrace more sustainable shopping habits. Luckily for me, secondhand marketplace Vinted exists, and it’s proved to be the key to helping me keep both.

Yes, there’s nothing quite like the rush of a new fashion purchase, but as we all know, everyone needs to do their part to help the planet, and fashion—particularly fast fashion—is one of the biggest polluting culprits. Making a reselling platform like Vinted part of your shopping habits can help on so many levels. You still get the thrill of a new purchase but with several added bonuses: you’re paying a fraction of the original retail cost, potentially finding something that has sold out in stores, saving an item from going to landfill and opting out of the production-demand cycle by choosing not to buy something brand new. That’s a quadruple win.


Vinted pro Sophie Longmire found this on-trend red jumper on the resale platform.