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Hof van Cleve – Floris Van Der Veken and Sir Kwinten awarded Two Stars in the MICHELIN Guide Belgium and Luxembourg 2024

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Michelin is pleased to present the 2024 edition of the MICHELIN Guide Belgium and Luxembourg. Unveiled during a ceremony organized in Anvers, at A Room With a ZOO, the 2024 vintage includes 2 new Two MICHELIN Star restaurants, 9 new One MICHELIN Star restaurants and one new MICHELIN Green Star. The MICHELIN Guide Belgium and Luxembourg features a total selection of 792 restaurants, including 153 MICHELIN-Star restaurants and 131 distinguished by a Bib Gourmand.

Gwendal Poullennec, International Director of The MICHELIN Guides, comments: “2024 is once more a very fine vintage year for the MICHELIN Guide Belgium and Luxembourg. Illustrating the constantly rising gastronomic level in these two countries, the 11 new MICHELIN-Star restaurants highlight the increasing culinary creativity demonstrated by local restaurateurs. Keen to promote their own terroir, to celebrate the best local products or for some, to imagine unusual culinary associations, Belgian and Luxembourg chefs contribute with their talent to establish their countries as top class gastronomic destinations.”

Zilte and Boury keep their Three MICHELIN Stars

Still standing at the peak of Belgian gastronomy, the restaurants Boury, in Roeselare, and Zilte, in Antwerp, have impressed the MICHELIN Guide Inspectors for another year and so keep their Three MICHELIN Stars. Showing exceptional regularity and talent, the chefs Tim Boury and Viki Geunes continue to place their culinary signatures not only on the national gastronomic scene, but also in Europe and worldwide.

Sir Kwinten ©Ellesvisuelles
Sir Kwinten ©Ellesvisuelles

Sir Kwinten ©Ellesvisuelles

Two new restaurants are awarded Two MICHELIN Stars

This year, the MICHELIN Guide Belgium and Luxembourg welcomes two new restaurants with Two MICHELIN Stars. Sir Kwinten in Sint-Kwintens-Lennik is a former Bib Gourmand who won its first Star in 2020. Directed by a duo of talented artisans – the chef Glenn Verhasselt and the sommelier Yanick Dehandschutter – the symbiosis of dish and drink they propose is exceptional. The chef Verhasselt is a master in the art of preparing classic dishes – such as harlequin hare – as well as sublime sauces. He brings a subtle touch of modernity to traditional tastes, without overdoing an exuberance of flavors. The sommelier Dehandschutter deploys a pallet of gueuzes, wines from his own domain Dappersveld and magnificent sparkling wines. A perfect pairing, fully worth the detour.

Hof van Cleve – Floris Van Der Veken in Kruishoutem is a widely respected restaurant. And now, Floris Van Der Veken has taken over the restaurant of his mentor Peter Goossens and opened up a new chapter in the already rich history of the establishment. A successful transition, since the restaurant is directly awarded Two MICHELIN Stars. In his dishes, Floris Van Der Veken continues as always to celebrate products at their highest level, be it leeks or turbot. And though the style of the restaurant endures, for example with à la minute preparations and a measured use of exotic flavors, the Inspectors find it fascinating to follow Van Der Veken in the development of his own culinary identity.

The MICHELIN Guide 2024 selection recommends a total of 23 Two-Star restaurants.

Julien ©Michiel Devijver
Julien ©Michiel Devijver

Julien ©Michiel Devijver

9 new One MICHELIN Star restaurants

Belgium and Luxembourg are particularly well-endowed with starred restaurants. This year, their dynamism and excellence are illustrated by the awarding of One MICHELIN Star to 9 new restaurants, some of which are run by well-known chefs. Christophe Hardiquest has set off in a new direction with Menssa in Woluwe-Saint-Pierre, where he concentrates still more on his local terroir and nature. Benoît Neusy, with l’Impératif d’Éole, has established himself in a magnificent wine estate to express his creativity and culinary identity.

Julien Malaisse has refined his locally-grown approach with the Pré de chez vous. At La Roseraie, in Modave, Marie Trignon has taken over from her father and added a delicious touch of boldness and creativity. Tommy Bocklandt, at Pont neuf in Antwerp, and Davy Devlieghere, at Julien in Lovendegem, deliver a very personal vision of classic cuisine. Maurice Huynen, at Hoeve De Bies in Voeren, offers a subtle mix of world and local cuisines, while Nils Proost, at Neon in Lier, brings the seasons alive with surprising dishes, particularly committed to a sustainable outlook.

And finally, at Apdikt in Steinfort, in Luxembourg, Mathieu Van Wetteren constantly demonstrates his creativity

The MICHELIN Guide 2024 selection lists 128 One MICHELIN Star restaurants.

©Pré de chez vous
©Pré de chez vous

©Pré de chez vous

A new MICHELIN Green Star for the restaurant Neon

The MICHELIN Green Star highlights restaurants for their inspiring philosophy and impressive commitment in favor of a more sustainable gastronomy. This year, one restaurant is joining this selection which now includes 12 establishments: Neon in Lier. The homage that Nils Proost pays every day to the land, the forest and the sea through his dishes testifies to his way of thinking. This shows itself by, among other things, the use of local products, a zero-waste working ethic and partnerships with local artisans to decorate the interiors of the restaurant. Neon is an example in the domain of sustainable gastronomy.

The MICHELIN Special Awards

The MICHELIN Guide is committed to recognizing the diversity of professions and know-how that contribute to making memorable gastronomic experiences and promoting the talents of the profession by awarding Special Awards.

Julien Malaisse, from the newly starred restaurant Pré de chez vous in Bouge, wins the MICHELIN Young Chef Award offered by San Pellegrino. The way he gives local artisans a chance to shine with his original cuisine immediately caught the attention of the Inspectors. He doesn’t neglect the classic tastes, but also loves to go off the beaten track. This is also an apt description of Mathieu Vanneste, who is awarded the MICHELIN Sommelier Award, offered by Ruffus. Mathieu Vanneste, the sommelier of the Three MICHELIN Star restaurant Boury, in Roeselare, sets himself apart with his extraordinary knowledge of wines and his personality. He is always ready to introduce his guests to lesser-known vineyards or, for example, to serve beer with a dessert.

La Roseraie ©Jean-Pierre Gabriel
La Roseraie ©Jean-Pierre Gabriel

La Roseraie ©Jean-Pierre Gabriel

15 new restaurants awarded a Bib Gourmand

In the 2024 Bib Gourmand selection, in which the newly awarded restaurants were announced two weeks ago, there are a total of 131 restaurants, including 15 new ones. In the selection, this distinction highlights the restaurants that stand apart by their excellent value for money proposal, offering complete meals at a moderate price. A remarkable fact this year, Brussels has no fewer than 6 new Bib Gourmand restaurants, including Kline (Brussels) with its original creations and Yoka Tomo (Schaerbeek) with its south Japanese inspired cuisine. In Wallony, the 6 new restaurants recommended celebrate the tastes of Italy at the Mona Lisa (Yvoir) and the more traditional tastes at Le Confessionnal (Dinant). In Flanders, the three new venues focus on a relaxed approach and distinctive flavors, such as at the cosmopolitan Onslow (Bruges).
The complete selection of Bib Gourmand restaurants, including all the new entries, can be found on the web site guide.michelin.com.

The MICHELIN Guide Belgium and Luxembourg 2024 at a glance:

792 restaurants selected, including:

  • 2 Three MICHELIN Star restaurants
  • 23 Two MICHELIN Star restaurants (2 new)
  • 128 One MICHELIN Star restaurants (9 new)
  • 12 MICHELIN Green Star restaurants (1 new)
  • 131 Bib Gourmand restaurants (15 new)

Head Photo Menssa ©Luc Viatour


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