July 16, 2024

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From Belgian Cutting Table to Indian plates: A sizzling journey of premium pork

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Emerging from In the realm of culinary fusion and international gastronomy, the story of Belgian pork, finds its unique chapter as it sets its sights on India. In this exclusive interview with Joris Coenen, Manager of Belgian Meat Office, first port of call when getting in touch with the Belgian pork suppliers, we delve into the exciting journey of introducing Belgian pork to the Indian market and the compelling reasons behind this culinary endeavor.

Coenen opens the dialogue with an insightful reflection on the significance of pork in the Belgian diet. “Pork has always been a staple meat in our region,” he remarks. Indeed, for over centuries, it has been the most consumed and produced meat, boasting an impressive one million metric tonnes of modern, high-quality pork production. This tradition serves as a bridge between Belgium and India, offering the Indian culinary landscape a taste of this premium meat.

When asked about the impending challenges of the Indian market, the manager acknowledges that India’s perception of pork is different from that of other Asian markets. He says, “The breeds of animals, the way of rearing, the cutting and preparation methods, size and preparation methods vary, which necessitates a significant amount of education to bridge these gaps. However, it is this very challenge that presents an opportunity. By offering education and engaging in information exchange, we can create a new understanding of the product and unveil its potential in the Indian market.”

Belgium’s approach to the Indian market is far from fleeting. Coenen emphasises that they are in it for the long haul, aiming to establish a strong presence and trust within the Indian culinary landscape. “We are looking at the Indian market on a longer horizon; we are not here to do business and then leave tomorrow. We’re here to learn about the Indian cuisine.” He added. Coenen further explains the reason why India is presenting more opportunities now than ever for expanding businesses. He highlights that “as India is in such a developing state, we think that Indian people will soon look for other food options in their diets.”

The company’s ambition goes beyond just pork. “With efficient logistics and proximity, other Belgian products like fruits and vegetables hold great promise for the Indian market.” Coenen exclaimed, stressing VLAM’s commitment to diversify and cater to India’s varied tastes. The Belgium meat suppliers acknowledge the need to build strong relationships with Indian wholesalers, chefs, and other stakeholders. “The strategy is to create trust and reliability while ensuring that the end consumer

understands the product and how to use it, which might be a novel experience for many,” says Coenen.

However, he says that the mission is not to “invade the world.” Instead, Belgian Meat Office’s goal is to bring Belgian pork to the global table, enriching cuisines worldwide with excellent-quality meat, and for the time being, the concentration is on the Indian market. As Coenen puts it, “We are here to learn about Indian cuisine and how our product can complement it, as the notion of merging Indian culinary traditions with the quality of Belgian pork creates an exciting synergy that has the potential to redefine gastronomy.”


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