May 21, 2024

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Chester County Launches Plan to Boost Heritage Tourism and Preservation

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WEST CHESTER, PA — Chester County has taken a significant step toward enhancing heritage tourism and community pride with the adoption of a new Heritage Tourism Plan. This strategic initiative, endorsed by Commissioners Josh Maxwell, Marian Moskowitz, and Eric Roe, aims to spotlight the rich history and identity of communities within the county, contributing to local preservation, conservation, and economic growth through tourism.

The Heritage Tourism Plan, acknowledged by the Commissioners as a vital component for the local economy, seeks to celebrate and leverage Chester County’s unique natural, historic, and cultural attributes. These efforts are positioned not only to enrich the quality of life for residents but also to draw visitors interested in exploring the depth of the county’s character.

David Blackburn, Chester County’s Heritage Preservation Coordinator, outlined the plan’s objectives during a presentation at the Commissioners’ Meeting. The plan focuses on bolstering heritage tourism as a key economic driver, promoting the preservation and investment in heritage sites and resources, and amplifying the public’s understanding of the county’s historical significance.

“This Plan will nurture community engagement, foster pride, stimulate preservation efforts, and serve as a foundational element for our America250 commemoration in 2026,” Blackburn stated. He emphasized the plan’s role in empowering communities to showcase their heritage through various mediums, including exhibits, public art, and storytelling, ensuring a lasting impact on heritage tourism in Chester County.

The planning process identified six primary themes that frame Chester County’s historical narrative: The Natural Landscape, The Cultural Landscape, Evolving Values, The Philadelphia Campaign, Iron and Steel, and Creative Expression. The comprehensive strategy was developed in collaboration with Chester County Planning Commission and consultants from Heritage Strategies, LLC, SWELL, ConsultEcon, and Heritage Consulting, Inc. This collaborative effort also involved coordination with the America250PA Chester County Commission and incorporated feedback from a wide range of partners and the general public.

The Heritage Tourism Plan represents a proactive approach to acknowledging and preserving Chester County’s diverse history. By encouraging local communities to engage with and promote their unique stories, the plan not only aims to enhance the visitor experience but also to stimulate economic development through increased tourism. Additionally, this initiative underscores the importance of safeguarding historical sites and landscapes for future generations, aligning with broader goals of conservation and sustainable growth.

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