May 21, 2024

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31 Fashion and Beauty Things to Buy for Summer

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I’m not sure how I’ve done it, but over the past three months, I’ve taken a step back from shopping for fashion and beauty things. My husband and I moved to a new house in February, and ever since then, I’ve put my entire budget toward furnishing those 1,800 square feet. As anyone who’s decorated a space can guess, my bank account has been straight-up drained. But now that we’re feeling more settled and the major purchases have been made (who knew curtains could be so pricey?), I’m going back to my old ways. In other words, I’m blowing some cash on my favorite subjects: fashion and beauty. Those mesh ballet flats that fashion people can’t stop wearing? They’re in my cart. The espresso lip gloss that TikTok creators can’t live without? I don’t want to live without it, either. Ready to shop with me? Keep scrolling to see the glorious finds thawing out my spending freeze.


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